As we sit to write this letter our hearts are pounding with excitement and emotion, mostly because we know exactly how much lives can change because of your assistance.

We understand that this is a very difficult time for both the public and private sectors, and we totally understand the wide range of emotions that the adoption process makes people feel. We hope that our experience can guide us all and assist in this process. We have learned that once you connect, start to talk and get to know each other it gets a bit easier and the process starts to become more real and less scary. 

 Intaba Ka Vuba Development Foundation (IDF) Adopt-A-School, Adopt-A-Child campaign points out that Townships potential Engineers, Scientists, Mathematicians, Medical Doctors, Geologists, Philosophers, Lawyers and Artists are in our schools, but they may not have a chance to pursue their dreams due to economic difficulty. Their parents dream of a better life for their children, and strive hard to provide well for them, but in many cases, even just the provision of food for each household’s table is already a struggle.

 The government allots the biggest share of the national budget to public education, but the amount still cannot keep up with the increasing student population. There are even more children who are out on the streets and who must be shepherded into the schools, but government resources are simply not enough to provide them the free, quality education to which they are all entitled.

We need generous hearts in the private sector to realize the spirit of this objective and the purpose of providing a venue for the strong and dynamic private sector to participate in nation-building through investments in the education of South Africa children. The rewards of such investments come through an educated generation that will succeed ours, run our enterprises, and steer this nation to greater heights. Over the years, Department of Education introduced interventions to reduce student dropouts and keep the youth off the streets. It has sought to increase student achievement levels and improve teacher performance.

It continues to bring the issues and needs of public education to every South African who cares, in an effort to invite each and everyone to help boost education opportunities for our young.

IDF sincerely invites all members of private entities, the corporations and individuals to accept our offer of active partnership in the noble goal of educating all South Africans. Education is the key to national growth. With Adopt-A-School, Adopt-A-Child, each South African can have the opportunity to enjoy ones right to education, to open one’s eyes to the wonders and challenges of the world, to pursue one’s dreams, and to contribute capably towards the nation’s progress. Every South African child deserves to finish school. Every South African deserves the benefits of an education. This nation needs an educated citizenry.

There are many ways by which you can help by providing:

Physical Facilities, Furniture. The construction of additional classrooms will decongest our crowded public schools and provide more substantial school hours for the children. Badly needed chairs, desks, blackboards, computer laboratories, ablution facilities, sports equipment, water systems and toilets must also be provided, and these will likely create a physical environment that is conducive for learning.

Our private-sector partners can give public school children exciting and dynamic opportunities for learning at the larger world outside of school by sponsoring relevant field trips, to national parks, science centres and national museums. Students and teachers will also benefit from audio-visual educational materials such as e-books, educational films, e-libraries, and non-digital teaching aids such as pop-up materials and coloured illustrations.

Appropriate remedies for the health and nutrition problems of public-school children will help improve students’ school performance and learning retention. Our partners can sponsor feeding programs, essential health care programs, medical-dental missions, de-worming interventions, and the provision of vitamins, nutritional supplements, eye check- ups and eyeglasses to students and teachers.

By providing books and supplementary reading materials to our public-school children, we open a rich world of information to them and help develop the habit of reading, a key to improving academic performance.

We welcome the private sector’s continuing supporting promoting Department of Education’s imperative thrust to integrate fast-changing technology within basic education. Laptops, computers, internet connectivity, television sets, DVDs, and e-learning materials are always needed to make classroom instruction interactive and effective.

School supplies, stipends, and other forms of financial and material assistance may be extended to public school children to alleviate their parents’ financial burden and obligations.

Private sector groups and individuals can extend assistance not only to schoolchildren but also to their teachers. Sponsoring training programs in teacher education institutions will really help our teachers gain relevant skills that will update their knowledge and increase their effectiveness in the classrooms.

Assistive learning devices are used to increase or improve the functional capabilities of a child with special needs. These range from no-tech devices (pencil grips, dry-erase boards, special chairs, picture cards) to mid-tech (tape recorders, spelling-check devices, overhead projectors) and hi-tech devices (software, computerized systems, specialized keyboards and peripheral devices).

What are the incentives an adopting private entity can derive under the Adopt-a-School Program? Active involvement in the Program can be mutually beneficial to both parties concerned. While Department of Education gets, its schools improved, adopting private entity in return will get increased human power, may obtain tax incentives, strengthened corporate image and goodwill within the school community.

With this detailed above information in mind. IDF is requesting your esteemed company to adopt a school or child in our Uitenhage Townships and surrounding areas, Eastern Cape, South Africa, and assist them with the following resources:

  1. Books library,
  2. Science lab,
  3. Computer lab,
  4. Sports equipment + Sports Attire,
  5. Well designed and maintained sports fields according to their sporting codes,
  6. Resident Social workers,
  7. Resident Coaches for Physical training,
  8. Gardening equipment,
  9.  Provide improved ablution facilities (toilets),
  10. General School’s infrastructure improvement
  11. Well furnished, and automated Principal office,
  12. Provide Wellness interventions for students,
  13. Healthy food, and
  14. Installing of security systems at schools (CCTV)

We conducted an audit at some of our schools and those are stated below.


  1. Nkululeko High School: (Science Lab, Computer Lab, School automation, Library Sports and sports fields maintenance equipment and independent coach (s))
  1. VM Kwinana Technical High School: (Science Lab, Computer Lab, School automation, Library Sports and sports fields maintenance equipment and independent coach (s))
  1. Limekhaya High School: (Science Lab, Computer Lab, School automation, Library Sports and sports fields maintenance equipment and independent coach (s))
  1. Sisonke High School: (Science Lab, Computer Lab, School automation, Library Sports and sports fields maintenance equipment and independent coach (s))
  1. Limekhaya High School: (Science Lab, Computer Lab, School automation, LibrarySports and sports fields maintenance equipment and independent coach (s))
  1. Tinarha High School: (Science Lab, Computer Lab, School automation, Library Sports and sports fields maintenance equipment and independent coach (s))
  1. Tulwana Lower Primary School: (They need a School Library, Furniture for the Principal Office and staff, School automation and Security system)
  1. Godlo Lower Primary School: (They need School Library, School automation)
  1. Ntlemeza Lower Primary School: (They need 26 Computers)
  1. Ilinge Higher Primary School: (Science Lab, Computer Lab, School automation, Library, Sports attire and sports fields maintenance equipment and independent coach (s))

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